Friday, July 09, 2004

Boozer is a bitch, and the Cavs are stupid. Which one is worse?

This is why I can't stand professional sports sometimes. Obviously, pro sports could not exist without money. And, since these athletes have such amazing physical gifts, it is only natural that millions of "average" people are willing to throw down their money to buy tickets, purchase apparell, and watch games on TV. Millions of fans means millions and millions of dollars. Where does the money go? Well, yes, it should go to the athletes....

But money fucks up the entertainment value. Team loyalty? Forget about it, players are going to go where the money is. Do they worry about the fact that their enormous contracts might actually hinder their chances of ever reaching the championship level, since now their team can't really afford anyone else? Pay-Rod didn't. But don't even get me started on that guy. Once my favorite player while in Seattle, now my most despised FUCKING Yankee.

Now Carlos Boozer, a young, up-and-coming, hard-working big man, previously on my list of respectable players, has gone and made a complete ass of himself And he's lost the respect of any true fan of sport. Hell, he's lost the respect of any true fan of keeping one's word.

You see, what he doesn't seem to realize is that Cleveland was giving him a huge nod when they "let" him out of the final year of his contract to become a restricted free agent. As a restricted free agent, the Cavs would have the match the offer of any other team, in order to retain him. But they hadn't planned on having to do that, because he had verbally agreed to re-sign with the Cavs. They didn't pick up their option for his final year, because he has become rapidly worth much more than his $695,000/year salary (hard to believe anyone who plays a game for a living should "worth" more than that, but its all relative). They wanted to pay him more, as they (and, I'm sure, he) believed he deserved more. They let him go because he "agreed" he would sign a 6 year deal worth $40 million. This was very noble of the Cavs, but plain stupid. DO NOT PUT ONE OF THE CORNERSTONES OF THE FUTURE OF YOUR FRANCHISE OUT IN THE OPEN! God Damn! I should be the fucking GM. If I was GM, we would most definitely have our big man next year. Why not KEEP him under contract, and then move to negotiate a lucrative long term deal? Sure enough, as soon as Carlos hit the free agent market, other teams started offering him much more than the Cavs could match. Money fucking talks, I guess. Now Boozer will be a member of the Utah Jazz, as he has a agreed to a 6 year deal worth a whopping $68 million. And the Cavs are just shit outta luck, cause there is no way in hell they can match that offer sheet. I'm not even a Cavs fan and I'm pissed. So stupid.

Don't blame the Jazz, they're just trying to win. And they just made themselves a MUCH better team with the addition of Boozer. Cleveland screwed up, yes...but by screwing up I mean they decided to believe the word of their young star. And why shouldn't they believe him? They gave him his NBA chance by drafting him. They developed him into the $68 million dollar player is today. They were just trying to be nice. But in a business where numbers like $68 million are commonplace, you can't be too nice. Just ask Carlos...who, in the process of moving to beautiful Salt Lake City has walked away the opportunity of playing with the heir to Air. And don't think Lebron's gonna forget this one, Carlos. Way to go, man.


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