Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Things I enjoy at the moment...

The glass is half full. This is an optimistic post. These are the things about my present life that I enjoy...the things that, when I think about, I find myself involuntarily smiling.

1.) I REALLY enjoy people watching in the city, as I've said before, specifically on public transit. I especially enjoy the people who are listening to their headphones and nodding their heads to the beat. These people don't care that they look kind of idiotic in that nobody else can hear a beat, and thus are NOT nodding their heads. I admire that.
2.) I enjoy the fact that the majority of my day, working in a research lab, is comprised of wasting time on the internet (which is what I'm doing right now). Incidentally, my grad student "mentor" is sitting behind me at his cubicle, and has been watching (and laughing at) Strong bad emails for the last half an hour.
3.) Speaking of Strong Bad, I enjoy HomestarRunner.com, and Yetisports online games, and I highly recommend both sites if you're in the business of wasting time.
4.)I enjoy reading the Sports Guy. I wholeheartedly agree with Krishna when he called him "just what the doctor ordered."
5.) I truly enjoy the summer TKE listserve banter. How did the world get by without listserves?
6.) I enjoy working in a biomedical science nerd's heaven. If you too are a science nerd, you understand why. And if you're not a science nerd, just replace science with whatever kind of nerd you might be. For example, SLS, imagine working in a place full of Dickens nerds. I'm with "my people."
7.) I enjoy Blockbuster's "Unlimited Movie Rental Pass"...unlimited rentals for a month (you can have 2 out at a time, with NO LATE FEES), all for $24.99! I enjoy that Oregon has no sales tax.
8.) I enjoy the fact that I can draw so much enjoyment from sitting on a hard kitchen floor with three other people playing doubles caps (which somehow I've gotten MUCH worse at recently...) for 3 hours, like I did last night in Estacada, OR...I even kinda enjoyed waking up good and hungover at 8am, and driving my ass back to P-Town so I could come here and "work." I enjoy(ed) Anchorman last night as well, although I understand if you don't.
9.) I enjoy that I got a 26 on my first practice MCAT last saturday. With a month left before the actual test...my goal is to add 2 points to each of my sections...which would give me a 32. Don't worry about how the MCAT is scored...a 32 would be awesome.
10.) Speaking of which, I enjoy the fact that I am more confident about my potential career path than I have been since I graduated from high school. You never know with me, however...Like, next week I could be saying I'm going into the Seminary. Actually, scratch that, I can put a gaurantee stamp on that not happening. Like, next week I could be saying I want to go into...um...public bus driving...?
11.) I enjoy the anticipation for my trip to Bozeman, which I will embark upon on thursday. One of my buddies from high school is getting married. This will be my first "friend wedding" and I'm probably going to freak out about it and maybe lose my mind, but I'm looking forward to that. Losing your mind is ok, because when/if you regain it, you will be in a better place than you were originally. Its kinda like when you break a bone and when it heals it becomes stronger than it was before the break. That point has been reinforced for me this summer. Several times. Regardless, you (three?) readers can look forward to a post recounting my experience.
12.) I enjoy my newfound appreciation for Radiohead...although I don't quite understand it. Actually, come to think of it I think it is a product of my also newfound appreciation for listening more closely to the music of a song--not just the lyrics.
13.) Finally, in case you haven't noticed, I enjoy blogging. Although, it might ruin me.

Anyway, maybe I'll make a post sometime about things that I DO NOT enjoy, which might touch on such things as the disaster that is my beloved Seattle Mariners, lonliness, and the fact that I'm broke. But that will be another time, because I'm in a good mood today, and this, as I said, is an optimistic post. And everyone can use a little optimism. So it goes.


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