Sunday, August 15, 2004

So I'm sitting in the "Business Room"...

of the Holiday Inn Express in Spokane, WA. Thats right. Blogging is officially business. I am SO fucking tired. Recap of my day:
7:15--Wake up (reluctantly) to my alarm, attempt to "jumpstart my brain" (a Kaplan MCAT Prep Course favorite phrase) by reading a little of the paper...Eat a coupla poptarts.
7:45--Walk the 7 or so blocks to PSU...drink a Red Bull (wonderdrink) on the way.
8:00-5:00pm (Thats right, 5 FUCKING POST MERIDIAN.) Take the MCAT.
5:10--arrive back at apartment, throw the rest of my shit into my car
5:45--surprisingly emotional goodbye with my roommate Isaac...who said, with his Nigerian accent, "Dude, I wish you weren't leaving."
6:00-11:00 Drive to Spokane...

Now I'm sitting here. The MCAT kinda pissed me off. I hope I don't have to take it again. I realized that I keep ending up sitting in my drivers seat, enduring a long-ass drive by myself while thinking, "Wait what just happened?" This time it was, "Wait, was I just in Portland? For the summer? Did I just take the MCAT?" and then I thought, "Did I miss something?" I heard some quote...I'm probably gonna butcher it. I think its Craig Gonsul again, and it goes something like, "People always expect a grand finale...and then its just over."

G-Funk tomorrow. NYC in 2 days. Whitman in 10 days. Three months till the next "Wait, what just happened?"

And then its just over.


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